NATUR BEAUTI was born from the demand in the market for quality natural hair care products specifically designed for Afro and curly hair.


We are a black owned independent start up focusing on providing quality products and educating all Afro & curly hair lovers. Our customers health and well-being is a priority and this is shown from the unique and specific ingredients used throughout the products, right down to our packaging.


Over the past 5 years NATUR BEAUTI have perfected the combination of ingredients within our product range to combat and solve the problems faced by those with Afro and curly hair.


We believe that creating great products is just the start! We want to help educate, promote and challenge views on Afro and curly hair by building a community of natural hair lovers to share tips, experiences and challenges. Helping us all become more confident in rocking our natural curls.

The Journey

At the age of 21 I decided to cut off my dreadlocks and embrace my natural hair. This journey became more of a roller coaster of dyes, chemicals and heat! At 27 my hair had had enough and I decided to truly embrace my curls, this was a lot harder than I expected. Coming from a mixed heritage household I had little knowledge or experience with afro hair,  It was a long trial and error process and lots of time searching the internet!

How to condition, maintain, understand curl patterns, what products are best, what information to believe was just the start of it! Learning to accept my curls for what they are and what they say about me was the biggest challenge! I had big hair and I did care!


I quickly found out that Afro & curly hair products contain a lot!!! Some things I knew were no good for your hair and skin and some things I had no idea what they were. I spent a lot of time looking at the products I was using and what they were made up of trying to find the most natural products that actually work! This wasn’t an easy job and often still ended up using products that contained chemicals and toxins. 

I started experimenting with natural butters and oils to help manage my hair, it started with basic oil to creams and gels. I have been looking at what herbs, essential oils and naturally derived ingredients hold great hair benefits as well as those that help condition and treat Afro & curly hair.

Once I found what worked for my hair the way I looked at my Afro changed very quickly, I felt confident in the fact that I was making the best informed choices for my hair type without exposing myself and my hair to unnecessary chemicals and toxins. 

Creating a product that worked was one thing I quickly realised I was not the only person on this journey struggling to find exactly what I needed and not knowing where to look for it. Afro & curly hair education and positivity became my new passion and continues to be the motivation behind NATUR BEAUTI​.

Black & White Portrait of an Attractive
Black & White Portrait of an Attractive
Black & White Portrait of an Attractive