When building NATUR BEAUTI it was more than just natural products that the market lacked, true representation, education and understanding of curly and afro hair was something that was time consuming, confusing and hard to come by.

We want to help build and showcase the community of natural hair enthusiast where sharing true experiences and tips to help open up the conversation. Starting the conversation helps to build confidence and understanding around Afro and curly hair in turn changing attitudes, stereotypes and beliefs, helping to address some of the discrimination people are faced with every day!


By creating an open space for people to communicate freely share experience and receive advice we hope to connect those who have limited resources and knowledge in a safe and friendly environment

One in five black women feel social pressure

to straighten their hair for work – World afro day

‘Our perceptions stem largely from implicit visual processes, and as a result, our brains’ repeated exposure to smooth and silky hair linked to beauty, popularity, and wealth creates associations that smooth and silky hair is the beauty default. Naturally textured hair of black women, by comparison, is notably absent within dominant cultural representation which automatically ‘otherizes’ those natural images we do see – at best they are exotic, counter cultural, or trendy; more often than not, they are marginal.’ – The good hair study 

Brother and Sister

We want to help break down barriers within schools, companies and

communities through access to education and natural products.

According to the Hair equality report 2019

Out of the 16.6% of children having bad experiences.

51% were not taught anything about Afro hair in biology

and 54% were not taught techniques to draw Afro hair.


We want to work with schools providing underprivileged children with

education and products helping to build self-confidenceand arm them

with the tools they may need to challenge the barriers they may face

Helping schools look at hair policies building

understanding around hair differences, cultural representation

and equality, ensuring a better school experience for all.



Worryingly, anti Afro hair policies had risen 66.7%- Hair equality report 2019


With your help we hope to build understanding around Afro and curly hair needs within all work places helping to

change unconscious bias around Afro and curly hair. Creating a safe space

for people to ask questions, challenge views and build acceptance and equality.


Only 37% of black women feel comfortable wearing and Afro or Dreads to a professional event – World afro day

Mother and Daughter

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World Afro day

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